"Let's start the evening in the afternoon."

Serena is a witch and the paternal cousin of Samantha Stephens. She is the total opposite of her cousin, very carefree and unpredictable. She likes having adventures and indulging in witchcraft; whereas Samantha is predictable and devoted to her mortal lifestyle and husband Darrin and enjoys being a housewife. Serena and Samantha mostly get along very well and look very much alike, although Serena has short black hair and a heart on her cheek. Serena is a recurring character and appears in every season of the entire series (except for Season 1). She seems to like Larry Tate.


Early LifeEdit

Serena inherited her powers at a very young age from her father, who was a warlock and her mother Enchantra the younger sister of Maurice and Hagatha. Little to nothing is known about her childhood except that she has an older brother named Mario who was married in Egypt. Mario was only mentioned and never seen. In Serena's childhood photos she is blonde and identical to Samantha and can be seen clinging to her cousins arm. Surprisingly Serena was shy as a child and always following behind Samantha who was more confident and fearless. Her timidity may have been a result of her strict upbringing. Her talented older brother didn't help by teasing her and this may explain why as soon as she was old enough to leave home, she became a wild and free spirit.