Daphne Harper appears in the season 3 episode, "Charlie Harper, Winner". She is the wife of Charlie Harper, an old college schoolmate of Darrin's. She is also the mother of three unnamed triplets. She is a bit of a snob, however by the end of the episode has a change of heart and becomes more appreciative of Charlie. She was given a fur coat which was "twitched" up by Samantha, but returned it to the Stephens because of her newfound appreciation for what she already has. She too went to college with Charlie and Darrin, and according to her, Darrin was the only boy who didn't find her irresistible.

Daphne Harper


Charlie Harper (husband) Unnamed Triplets (children)

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Portrayed by

Joanna Moore

Daphne and Charlie are very wealthy, and among their various estates are a house in Acapulco, and a castle.

Daphne is portrayed by Joanna Moore.